Whats a Girl to do?


How are we all?

So with the holiday fast approaching I’m thinking I’m actually a lot more organised  than I am this time ( not in my head or on paper ) but in the way that the cases look like they have fallen off a lorry!

Since Prestige Boutique came along my time  just flies ( before messages start rolling in , I’m not complaining , I  love it , every minute of it in fact )

What I love about what I do is Instagram and all the wonderful ladies I get to meet and talk too!

Everyone who takes the time to do Giveaways and Promote my page is just so wonderful, I have made some lovely friends.

If you don’t follow then these ladies are a must:

Carole M beauty , Elizas-Everyday, and StripyCoral { there are lots more of you but I cant name you all I will be here all day}

My time is taken up a lot with what I do although some people still think I do nothing!

One lady that I love talking to too is Kat Farmer ( if you don’t follow her which I’m sure by now you do ) anyway this lady wore one of our dresses at the weekend and I have to say , Kat looked totally amazing and striking! So Thankyou Kat for sharing. Totally rocking our Rainbow dress!

Thankyou Kat for sharing our dress you look amazing! Follow Doesmybumlookbigat40 now x


This year I have been sent some wonderful items that I will be storing and picturing on my grid so you must keep and eye out for those beauties on my holiday , you will love !

Especially Aspiga,  that’s a beautiful dress which I have been waiting so long to wear and I finally get to wear it , plus I have am amazing kaftan too!

The boys also have some Prestige Boutique bits to wear and we will be matching! There is one particular dress I cant wait to wear as the boys have got matching tops too { I have had these especially made}

I have been going back and forth on outfits and I’m not very clear on what I want to take, I need to have it all done really by next week as the boys have so many things on at school . We fly 6am the day after they break up! Seemed a good idea at the time ha!

A couple of new looks for you , as some of you are not Instagram I do like to keep you up to date too! { sorry if I bore the ones that are }

Starting with this dress I wore to Due Amici last week…

I loved wearing this one! So chic!

Before hand I met up with the girls at The Manor and I wore my new Gina Maxi…

Our Gina dress has a real Gucci vibe about it too, I chose to wear the belt as a ribbon in my hair! After all it is all the rage right now!

If its some chic summer styles then these two below are so easy and so easy to throw in the suitcase to go away….

Sometimes I can be weary of these style dresses as they can tend to give you that pregnant look ha! I chose to wear our lemon headband set to really set that look alive!

Hands up who else loves polkas? If like me you do then this one is for you!


Another thing I have started today is the NOSH Juice Fast , I went for the two day one! I have this terrible cold, cough sore throat etc! So it came at the right time and plus its always nice to lose a few pounds before I hit the pool!

I think the two day fast for me is best as I do like my food and don’t think I can hold off for too much longer ha! I especially love the fact that this program comes with a little booklet on what to do if you feel like giving up!

Loads more programs available so check out the NOSH website today and if you say my name DANIELLA from EYEZONZANELLI you will receive 15% off your first order ! NOTE: You have to email them before you place your order to get this promotion from me!

So my Lucca is in France this week , we have no communication with them which is hard. I’m sure they are having a ball though! From what I have seen , all they are doing is eating,  ha!

So I’m now off to post some of your goodies going out and get my little Sonny Bunny !

Have a wonderful week and I will try a squeeze a quick blog post in before I go especially on the denim dress I’m going to wear at the weekend . That baby needs a blog post to its self 💙💙💙

Happy Tuesday



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