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Good Evening

How are we all?

So are you all broken up already for the summer? We had a very busy last week at our school! As it was Lucca’s last year at his school, it was very emotional on all of us!

He certainly ended on a high too taking home two awards at Prize Giving, even my Sonny Bunny got an Effort award! We flew off to Spain a very proud family!

I did try a keep you all updated as much as I could on holiday on Instagram and I really hope you enjoyed all my holiday spam! For those who missed it I have two circles on highlights!

We set off early hours  on the Saturday morning and  after more celebrating on the Friday night with friends with heavy heads and feeling very tired! Lucca threw up on the plane, I think the heavy emotional week at school took its toll on him too!

My lovely dad was there to meet us at Malaga and we set off to the apartment and ready to hit the pool! Needed by all I must say!

And my new IT suitcase was a real hit , I loved using it….

All the boys feel asleep after a long swim, Mr O is not a fan of the early bird flights apparently , I love it you get the whole day then! So that night we stayed local and walked round to a little Pizza place called Marios.

Outfit 1:

So I wanted to keep it cool and breezy so I opted for a Orange off shoulder  midi dress By Prestige Boutique { I will confess before any messages start rolling in , that I wore PB every night as I loved them so much! I did have other brands with me but only wore one by Aspiga Beach}

We are all wearing Prestige Boutique Such an easy dress to wear , I do love an off the shoulder number on holiday too!

I think it was a well deserved break and the next day all we did was hit the pool and lay like broccoli 🙌

One item that has been very popular this summer is our beach bags and I used mine everyday ….

Our inspired beach bags selling like hot cakes , and I can see why ! Super chic and stylish!

The second night we stayed local again and decided to try a new beach bar that’s called Barraka , it wasn’t one I would rush back to but was very pleasant!

I was excited to wear my backless beach dress too….

All wearing Prestige Boutique

I will say I do advise once you unpack go through your holiday wardrobe and plan your outfits, especially if like me, washing your hair on holiday is a real pain! My hair can last 2 days before it needs to be sorted again, hence why the second night it was up . Hair with a backless dress always looks better up . I still stick to this plan on every holiday and it works well. Even if you just jot it down on your notes in your phone!

Aspiga Beach had kindly sent me a dress of theirs as a gift and I was super excited to wear it! What I love about Aspiga Beachwear how unique their styles are…

I even had to get a lift selfie!
Chic and sophisticated

That night as it was Mr O’s birthday it was our turn to wear our Lemon Dolce inspired looks, I have waited so long to wear this little number and it went down a treat. its now packed away safe all ready for Barbados

The boys tops I had especially made with the lemon material to match my dress!

So I always said I would stop the Matching Theme once the boys reach secondary school! And I will so in Barbados we are going out with a bang! Maybe on one off special occasions I might have to do it , but October will be my last Matching session 😪 . To be honest they never moan about doing pictures or wearing their little outfits so I guess that’s why it has gone on for so long and they have been little Gems.

Back to our Lemon Look.. My dress is by PB , the boys tops are Marks & Spencer, i just had my tailor attach the material to the pockets for me, which i have done on other outfits too!

I had these tops made for Barbados last year in the same material as my dress!

As it was Mr O’s birthday we went to a wonderful restaurant called El Carnicerio if you like your steak you will love this one just up near cancellada

We manged to walk over here too which was even better! A little tip for this one, if you pay cash you will get a free bottle of wine!
My dress avalabile to order now

If there is one night i love about my holiday its The Fiesta Del Carmen and we go every year to the Puerto Banus celebration, As my parents were heading home the next day we made this their last night celebration.

We dined at La Bocana which is prime position for the mouth of the harbor to watch all the boats coming in and out

La Bocana
This picture does not do this justice { to watch my live highlights head to my Instagram  page to watch Marbs 19,  1 and 2 }

What did i wear you ask? Well we wore another Dolce inspired number

Another night another PB number teamed with Zara shoes on me and boys have Pisamonas loafers on!

We finished off our night at Villa Padierna Beach Club for farewell drinks

I wish we had had more nights as this would have definitely  been one of my choices to go for a meal and they have a fab kids menu too!


So swimwear this season for me is all about swimsuits one pieces and high waisted bikini’s

I’m all over these inspired swimsuits right now, especially this one which is also available in blue!
If Zebra print is more your thing then this one is super glam and super feminine!
No words needed this is my favorite
And i saved it for my last day!

All swimwear is available to order now!

After a day in the sun relaxing , We asked the children where was the one place they wanted to go to eat , Nanna & Poppa had gone home so it was time to head out on our own, right opposite Mum & Dads place is the best Japanese restaurant , so this was to be our next treat to be.

I opted for hearts , i had waited a while to wear this dress so it had to be done especially now the tan was kicking in so the vibrant red colour was sure to stand out on us all…

I loved wearing this beaut by PB shoes too! Boys wearing Polo Ralph Lauren and Pisamonas
My little loves!

Our holiday was coming to end thick and fast which meant taking in every bit of sun we could get , you may have noticed on our holidays we don’t do much accept , sun worship all day and socialize all night! That’s a holiday though right 😂😎

We are not ones for having days out here and there , i think if you have busy life’s back home which we both do then its nice to do NOTHING!

It was fresh fish for lunch and time to chill by the pool , i think the boys were quite tired as both decided to have a little power nap in the sun, our usual routine that i have stuck to since day dot on holiday still works like a charm , i have shared this so many times on here and Instagram , but i still get asked on Instagram about and i still think it works like a charm! Nothing worse than going out stressed!

The routine lol

We headed out to Laguna Village

Laguna Village

We thought we would head out early and have some drinks before deciding where to eat that night, i love just sitting and people watching

I wore a white bandeau dress and boys had white tops on by PB too

My go to dress on holiday is always a little white number and this is super stylish and chic, white always looks so crisp with a tan too!

We had drinks at Puro Beach

Puro Beach at Laguna Village

And we all matched the décor too 😂

Puro Beach

Then we headed back to Da Marios for Veal Millanese the boys favorite meal right now!

Last full day was upon us , it was fun and games in the pool and lots of sun worshiping for mummy!  We have spoken about moving to Spain for a while and the children are on board too . I grew up in Spain and it really is the best life! I really want Sonny to finish his school he is at right now so once that’s done i think it might be an option , so Sonny thought he would take a look at some property that day 😂

Someone is ready to go!

For our last night it was back to El Carcinero in Cancellada

I wore my PB white Floral dress and teamed the boys in matching green a real deep striking colour

You may have noticed we had a similar attire on last year on our last night too lol!

We always say the the boys we like them to spend at least 30-40 mins talking to us about their day before heading on the I pads so we had lots of fun talking about our holiday which sadly had now come to an end!

Farewell shots { the boys was not alcoholic }

The next day Mr O took the boys off my hands so i could pack and clean the apartment for mum, so they headed down to the pool , i did manage to get 10 min walk on the front in my new dress and a quick Rose!

This is such a cute dress, and perfect for the beach or a girly lunch on holiday!

So its OUR THING to head to Puerto Banus on our last day its something we have always done even before the boys came along and we always go to La Pappardella

La Pappaerdella Puerto Banus, if you like food and people watching , then this is your place!

The perfect restaurant to take in the last few hours of your holiday and the food is to die for, always check your bill in this restaurant though!! Something that we have always done since i lived in Spain at this restaurant , sometimes i think as your English you are not on the ball and have added things on the bill before … !

Another thing i always have to do is treat the boys in NECK&NECK , considering this year is my last for matchy matchy i had to get a couple of bits for them, watch out Barbados we are ready for you!


We arrived at Malaga Airport early which is unheard for us only to be told we was delayed , so we quickly found a quite spot and chilled with a cold beverage!

After finally boarding an hour after we were meant to, it was time to say Adios Espana!

And that’s a wrap!

For anyone wanting to order any of my outfits shown today please contact me on Instagram!

I’m now off to do mummy duties, so take care and thanks for reading

Happy Tuesday










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