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I hope your all having a wonderful end to the summer holidays, is it me or has it flown by? I cant believe this time next week I will be getting the boys bits ready for back to school!

We have had a wonderful summer, we have caught up with lots of my lovely friends and chilled out in the sun. We were  at the coast at my parents over the weekend and the boys spent an hour in the sea on Sunday, it was like being abroad! Its so hot today I’m melting as im doing this blog , but loving it too!

Is anyone else thinking  about autumn and their winter wardrobe? Well I am and absolutely all over this 80/90’s come back! The Dynasty look is back and im loving it.  Its all puff , sleeves, over sized belts, earrings , chain belts you name it, if its ” OTT” then I’m on it! I even raided mums loft at the weekend to see what goodies I could find, when we lived in Spain , my mum had some amazing clothes and i was hoping to get my hands on some of them 😂😍

Claudia Schiffer looking chic in the 90s.
The 90s is back and i love it!


Im all over the puff sleeve look, I think this look is super chic and super stylish! Any woman who wears a Puff Sleeve will just feel so feminine I promise that!

I have spotted some fab high street looks for you, shown below….

Silk Fred:

I absolutely love this , so beautiful! Look at those sleeves Alexis Carrington eat your heart out!
Another gorgeous look by Silk Fred and you could wear this all year round , I think this would look especially divine with leather trousers!


So beautiful, this would look fantastic with jeans or white shorts!
Or the stunning dress version!



ASOS does Zimmerman inspired so well! Love!
Going Chanel in this River Island top for ASOS

Zara also have gone for Zimmerman / Balmain looks for autumn and they are brilliant! I do love Zara but sometimes i begrudge buying as everyone walks around in the same clothes. I did however purchase this wonderful leather dress, although i am putting my own stamp on it of course!


Im going to change the neckline on it, as its so gorgeous and so soft!

Another chic style this autumn are these magnificent shoes by Prestige Boutique.

Wearing my New PB heels with these cute leather shorts by ASOS!
A real spice for your winter wardrobe with a real designer look!

Lets move on to accessories.  I have chosen my three favorites that we have to order to show you.

Shells , Pearls and Number 5 😍.

Shells are the look of the moment and im all over this set!

Order today

If Pearls are your thing , look at these stylish headbands.

Available to Order
Loving these earrings too , a real Chanel vibe!

So ladies , remember this autumn its all “OTT” So ” GO BIG” with all your looks!

I will keep you guided along the way and carry on sharing my best looks by Prestige Boutique and all my favorite brands!

Happy Shopping!  I’m cooking a roast dinner as we speak, yes i think im crazy too as its 32  here today but, I brought a wonderful Rib of Beef and it cant go waste lol!

Happy Tuesday




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