Barbados 2019


Hello everyone hope your all doing well and had a wonderful  half term!

So as you know we headed off to our favorite place and we truly had the most amazing time as always! We were so lucky with the weather this year too 🙏.

After having a little fall out on route to Gatwick as Daddy O missed the turn off we finally got into the V room where we could relax and start to enjoy the V Room specials including this cool selfie booth

Boys had a quick pic while waiting for Daddy O , who took bloody ages to get from the car park to the terminal. By now i was well and truly ready for a chilled glass of fizz!

Boys looking very smart and ready to hit the V Room!


Most of my holiday are looks by our Prestige Boutique.  For anyone wanting to place any orders please go to my instagram and order on there – EYEZONZANELLI


My dress is from Prestige Boutique and sold out within one day of me wearing it (we do have the white version left for those interested).


After boarding we could eventually sit and relax. I watched The Hustle it was really good if you enjoyed  Dirty Rotten Scandals you will like this !

Barbados 2019

Our guy from The Fairmont hotel was there to meet and greet us for our fast pass through customs which really does help as after that long journey the kids really just wanted to get there and get swimming.

And after a hot ride we arrived.

The Fairmont Royal Pavillion

As you know from previous posts, Daddy O, always takes them off for a swim while I unpack then we usually just have a chilled night in the hotel restaurant! I especially love the Prawn  salad and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

Early to bed and early up it was.  Sonny and I went for a long walk on the beach at 6am and he captured this gorgeous picture for me ! Clever boy , he is doing a great job at taking my pictures lately 👋.

I could never get sick of this view!

The first night we always head to the Lonestar as it’s only a 3 min walk on the beach so it’s a nice and easy .

For anyone staying at The Fairmont and you want to do the same, if you ask at reception they will supply you with lanterns ! We didn’t do this as we only found out the night after, so it was phones to the rescue. And a  word of advise ,  mind the crabs 🦀.

Lonestar Restaurant

I wore a dress and sandals from Prestige Boutique and boys had their new Fortnight tops on from PB and next shorts with next sandals ( I’m not one for Fortnight, Batman or any logo tops like that as you know but as these seemed a bit more swish I gave them a go and the boys were surprised)

First night in whites!

And a quick picture before dinner

I think they was ready to drop off , always tired on the first night!

Sunday came and those who follow me on Instagram know that i had been looking for the perfect pink dress to wear. As you all know we always go pink for Sandy Lane . It took a while but i was super happy with my choice! That morning we didn’t really do much except a quick swim and chill. We like to get to Sandy Lane early to have a few drinks and take it all in!  To be honest we have had 2 years off of Sandy Lane’s Sunday Brunch and now i know why,  it was so hot and i do prefer going out on a evening , especially in Barbados, But as always it was amazing and we all loved it !

My beautiful dress is by a company called Honeyrocks , i was so thrilled with it! Boys matched up perfectly head to toe in Next!
It was so hot , the hair had to go up!

It was actually quite nice after all that wonderful food to head back to the hotel and get into bed , we chilled with a film while kids had an hour on the ipads!

We woke to a extremely hot day it was lovely.  I had to make sure the boys kept drinking water! We had decided to have a chilled night in the hotel so it was a nice lazy day . Although, we still got dressed up and did our pictures it was nice to be able to just walk out the door straight into the bar! We dined with some friends that were staying at the hotel which was very nice but Sonny didn’t quite make it past desert! I choose to wear my Dolce style dress with H sandals , just simple and easy! For anyone dining at The Fairmont i have been told  recommend the burgers!

Real bright colors for a evening at The Fairmont for dinner!
Dress and shoes: Prestige Boutique Boys : Next and Ralph Lauren

As you will know from previous posts , i do like classics on the boys and RL and Next are always my faith fulls 100%

Sonny and i were up early doors to get a snap of my new dress that I did manage to get a quick pic in Spain but i really felt this dress belonged in Barbados.

And im sure you will agree! Dress : ready to order

So once all photos were done it was time to head to breakfast for my omelette and smoke salmon , i really do try a be good on holiday ! I try to eat lots of fish a salads , in fact i always seem lose weight on holiday because i eat so well.  I don’t deprive myself of anything and will always eat if i fancy it, i just take in an extra swimming session the next day! One thing i did enjoy every morning is these health juices

We decided to head out on a boat ride so Daddy O and Lucca could do some water skiing , we had such a lovely time the water was so clear and truly beautiful! Poor Lucca didn’t manage to get up , Daddy O did very well!

We saw some fab celeb homes on our trip too, Daddy O has mentioned these houses before but i guess because i never venture out on the Jet Skis i have never seen them

This was my favorite The X Factor house!
Woody let Sonny take front seat too so he was very happy! I cant sing nothing but praise for Woody
Ask for Woody he is the best!

After our boat ride we decided to head back to the hotel and chill as after all we were heading to Hugos,  this is the sister restaurant to CIN CIN by THE SEA, we was all very excited , this was our favorite last year!

Loved wearing this dress by Prestige Boutique {sandals are by PB too and super comfy} Boys wearing: Neck&Neck and Pisamonas
Cocktails before dinner!
Always have to get toilet selfie at Hugos!

I do love a sequin number nothing like it with a tan , i always advise having at least one in your suitcase !

So after a lot of fun in Hugos, we decided to have a couple of Rum Punches in the bar to end the night off, so to be honest i just wanted to do nothing and that’s what we did.  I sat and took in this amazing view and drank my coffee hoping to feel better soon and swore that i never wanted to see a Rum Punch again!

This year i took no toys for the boys as hey they are getting older now but i did take a set of Drafts , Playing Cards and Dominos they were a hit. Not only with my kids but some of the others too and every day at 4 Daddy O would take them all to play 21 for peanuts , they loved it!

We decided to take it easy at the hotel for another night, the rain had set in, so we just wanted to chill! I was so lucky to receive some bits earlier on the year by Aspiga Beach so i wanted to show it off and wear it   Sonny and i went out to do pictures , he is getting so good now so proud of him! I especially like this one , romantic lighting with a smouldering shape!

Thank you Aspiga for my dress! { gifted}

It was up and out early for breakfast, followed by a long walk on the beach we absolutely loved it, it was fun to walk along and look at the houses. Plus to see the boys so happy really does make it for me! Although Lucca did take a bit of persuading to head out for the walk !

my world in my favorite place in the world!
Sonny and I had to take advantage of the huge mirror outside The Lonestar for a selfie!

Then we saw the house of our dreams

House of Dreams

But will settle for this and do a refurb ha!

And then the rain appeared and we came back from our walk to find a friend outside…

Sorry its not very clear pic, they are so fast! The ones in our hotel are not that brave! But i know my mum has stayed in other hotels where they have strolled through the lobby!

Cin Cin

Right, i know i said last year we wouldn’t go back, well i believe in second chances and we did give it a second chance this year, but NO! Next year we will not go again , the food was absolutley amazing as always but no im not paying all that money for poor service . One thing i have always found with CIN CIN is the service, they cant wait to get you in and out , when its time for the bill they soon bring that over but to wait 25mins before you get a drink, no not having it! Last year i thought we just had a one off bad night, it was sad to say it was the same this year!

Such a shame as the food and scenery is to die for!

I was excited to wear a vintage 80s number i had been saving for holiday and finally got the chance to wear!

I felt like Mercedes Lane in this dress , love a bit of 80s!
We found a great spot by the fountain too!

I added my Versace pins to give it that real 80s look, this is such a cute tip, if you have anything like this at home add to your some of your old things in the back of the wardrobe to spice your look up!

We woke to more rain and another long walk, if there is one thing about Barbados its the food and i love it, but i do try a keep on top of the weight especially on holiday.

Time for our walk

Boys was not impressed about another walk but it had to be done, after hiding under an umbrella for the best part of 10 mins we eventually headed for the pool, and Daddy O and i enjoyed a cold beverage with the lovely Marcia ( a lady i mentioned last year, im not allowed to say who this wonderful lady is but her company is huge and we all use it! I love her and we used to have cocktails every day , we started this tradition last year, so it was a real surprise when we crossed over this year).

The holiday was in full swing but in  reality we only had 4 nights left , so we dined at the hotel for the last  time of an evening before hitting our favorites before we head home!

I decided to leave my hair as i just couldn’t handle it any longer, i did say last year , i would take my own hair dryer this year which i did, but it was no use , it would have taken me all day to dry , the dryer just had no puff! So off i went to book in with the lovely Chreyle!

Back to Friday, i wanted to wear an Olivia Rubin dress i bought this from ASOS before OR was as huge as she is today! Pastles are always a winner with a tan, so the boys needless to say had to get in on  the action too!

I wore it with PB’s sequin headband
Daddy O took a wonderful pic too, we was trying to convince Sonny to do Canoeing with daddy! Did he do it the next day?

Yes he did look…

He loved it too! Luccas turn next year!

Then it was time to chill with some cards by the pool while i headed off to get the mop sorted out

Hair by Cheryl:

And for anyone that suffers with the holiday frizz , this product was absolutely amazing and my blow dry lasted until i got back to the uk so that was around 5 days. I know its expensive to get your hair done sometimes , but i honestly found it worth every penny this year!

Found this really good!


We was off to Tides and it was all about the Golds this evening as i decided to wear vintage Karen Millen

Of course we had to use that fountain again!
Boys looking super smart , the gold on their shirts really did compliment my dress just fab!
I think this was my favorite dress of the holiday!

Tides was truly amazing , in the top two of the holiday, but then to be fair it always is

Oysters for me and they went down extremely well!
A MUST for your main at Tides is the Lobster Curry! It really was mouth watering!

And of course we always have to get a family pic

If Tides looks like it would be one you would like to try , my advise is book in advance , a waterside table is a must here! I book all restaurants as soon as the deposit for the holiday is paid for. We like to have the same tables on the front , you travel all that way you don’t want to be stuck by the kitchen or without a view! BOOK EARLY!

Another tip,  we always find the restaurants clear out early , we tend to go out about 7:30 and that works especially as we like drinks first!

Well Sunday was upon us and its was nearly all over for another year.

A quick walk on the beach to wake myself up and Sonny took a cool pic of me wearing my Aspiga Beach kaftan (gifted).

As i waved Daddy O and Sonny off for there swim , Lucca and i had a nice chilled half hour in the sea trying to see if we could see any fish! It was so clear this year at The Fairmont which meant the boys could see so well in the sea!

It was nearly time to start packing it all away so i headed in early to make a start , we had been recommended IL TEMPO restaurant and i knew the boys was going to be happy as they could have their Chicken Milanese. So headed in early so i could get started!

I always have this thing once i wear an item on holiday , if i know im no wearing it again , i will put in the suitcase as i go and in theory it should make less packing , i keep one case (usually mine) open but standing up then just pop the  item of clothing in every night!

I don’t do this with the boys bits or Mr O’s , especially as i tend to keep the boys tops out so that i can jut throw them on for breakfast!


So it was IL Tempo we were off to, unfortunately for us it was only ok, not great but ok. The boys loved it , i think for us it lacked atmosphere! We was the only table in there too, but it was a Sunday and the season hadn’t really kicked off yet!

I wore my Lemon Cello dress as i call it by PB , boys had their bespoke matching tops on by PB too, its a real l Dolce look and oozes Italian style so the perfect look i thought for a little taste of Italy!

Heading out in our Lemon Dolce style outfits!

The day i dread had arrived , our last FULL day, it really is horrible when you wait all year for that dream holiday and just like that its over! Sad face !

For me this meant full blown sunbathing , lots of swimming and anything that will deepen the tan and firm up the flab!

Woody came up and challenged Lucca to drafts , this what  love about Barbados, no one has attitude, everyone is so supportive and friendly , its a shame people over here are not more like the bajan’s !

We never have lunch or head out as you may have noticed, why? Well we tend to eat breakfast late and to be honest we just don’t get hungry in the day not even the boys i guess we are in chilled mode ! Again we never head out into town , as for me i haven’t come all that way to go shopping and walk around in the heat! So if its sightseeing and shops your after on this blog , your looking at the wrong girl, i could not think of anything worse!

All day it was driving me crazy what to wear i had new pink bow shoes that i was desperate to wear but also a real gem of a dress by PB that was really beautiful. when i get like this i try not to stress i had plenty of looks left for me and the boys , you know incase we suddenly stay on longer! HA , yeah right, i wish! I always pack an extra 4 outfits so i can have plenty of choice if i need to , I tend to have a bath and just get ready then try on what i thought i might wear, this year as i wasn’t sure what to go with, which in all fare ness for me is unheard of, i showed Mr O and he liked the Dolce style dress the best and that was what i went with , the boys wore RL blue tops, Next black shorts and Pisamonas loafers!

Only one place for us on the last night is The Cliff and boy what a way to end it on, was by FAR the BEST  . As usual we feed the boys first at the hotel , if they was good eaters it wouldn’t be a problem, but they ate terrible eaters so chicken nuggets at the hotel if definitely a safer option for when we go to The Cliff . { we only do this for this restaurant }

If you get to the restaurant before 6pm you can feed these bad boys! We have never manged to be ready that early so never done it plus it would be too dark for the boy with their eyes!

No place like it in the world! Love Barbados!

The next day i was obviously not in a hurry to jump out of bed , i did manage to get an hour on the beach in my favorite bikini and say goodbye for another year!

Saying Goodbye x


Im not very good on our last day , i would rather get up and go, i hate the waiting about! I usually send Mr O out with the boys while i finish off! We always have a farewell lunch on the front to say our goodbyes ! The conversation usually consists of me asking if i book next year! ha! I think if we do go next year again we will 100% try some of the new restaurants that have opened , for anyone booked , i have been told Dockside at Port Ferdinand

How amazing does this one look, its 100% on my list

Another one that meant to be fab is La Cabane

Not sure if this is more a day thing but will definitely look into my parents are going next so they are going to give us the download on the new ones!

Some bits that i showed on stories was these popular looks

Whole look PB except phone case that KK designs!
Our Bow heels are so out there but so chic , i love them! i teamed them with this Zara dress for a real party look!
Rainbow earrings are one of our best sellers!

So there you have it ladies and gents the holiday spam all over for yet another year! Its taken a few days to finish this so sorry for the slow upload! And apologies if you have seen it on Instagram too!

I came back to my 40th and im out this Friday with all my lovely girls, a huge thanks to Bree for organizing! See you all then and be kind you know im a lightweight!

For everyone who had a October holiday hope you had fun, its all Christmas talk now! I think this could be the first year im not organised! We are moving in Jan and what with working with PB  its trying to find the time to do it all! I will buy some bits next week! Although i have Lucca’s  birthday first as well, oh god help me , take me back to Barbs!

Signing off to do the dinner now , back to reality!

Have a wonderful evening!







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