Dubai 2020


Hello and Good Evening

How is everyone doing? Half term came and went very quickly didn’t it?

Things really all come at once don’t they? We are in the process of moving and changing cars , whilst trying to catch up on day to day busy life.  The days just seem to roll into one a the moment!

Dubai couldn’t have come at a better time for us.  It was amazing to get away with my little crew and just chill!

We stayed at the Anantara on the palm

We have been once before about 3 years ago. Both this time and last, we had access lagoon rooms. For the boys these are perfect as they can have direct access to the little lagoon pool straight outside your room , although this time was even better as we had a mini beach opposite our room and they just absolutely loved it!

This is how the access rooms are , which is fab!
Our Room was the first block in and was prime position for the boys! I wouldn’t recommend this room if you don’t want to hear children, as this area is very busy with kids and you WILL have to get the beds early in this area. I used to set the alarm for 7am and put our bits out! I was even lucky enough that Mr O got up one day early to do it for me too! Everyone wants this spot as its fab for kids, also ask for this block if you want to have a lagoon room, you DO NOT want the lagoon rooms behind The Beach House. They are smaller and don’t have much sun on them!

We really had a wonderful time, would we go back for a 3rd time to this hotel… No!


Breakfast was very lame. Considering everyone raves about Dubai, saying they have this a that, for me it was nothing to wake up a get excited about! Although i did love the omelettes and had one every morning! The boys found it hard to find things to eat and it was hard work for us of a morning to get anything down them!


The room was very big and  spacious… but the bed was only changed once the whole time we was there and i had to keep asking for towels! The room was really dark too, the room we had 3 years ago was a lighter a slightly bigger room, although it was further up the lagoon and had not mini beach opposite it was nice!

This was a personal one for me, but the mirror to do hair etc, was so dark it had no light over it and was right near the patio door no where near the bathroom so i had to keep running back and forth to grab things, the mirror by the open wardrobe was literally on top of the open wardrobe which always looks a mess, so i couldn’t really snap any of my outfits , the light was terrible and you couldn’t see clearly as all our holiday wardrobe was behind it! (This really did drive me mad). Why have open wardrobes in a hotel , they always look a mess! They had so much space too put the full length mirror too but chose to put it there, drove me mad! Mind you that’s the ONLY thing i would change about The Fairmont in Barbados ,  please put nice Full length mirrors in the room , NOT inside the wardrobe door its really annoying!

Now we all know how much we love going out for dinner , well the hotel was VERY busy this time so it was extremely hard to get tables in one of the 5 restaurants ! If we had known this and the Anantara had answered my instagram messages before we arrived,  we would have been ok, but we never had the times  in the restaurants we wanted and found ourselves eating in the same one two nights running! So remember to book in advance! (As you know my Barbados restaurants are booked a year in advance).

If you decide to go between Jan / Feb  take warm coats for the evening , i nearly made them leave their puffers in the car at Gatwick, thank goodness i didn’t! Although i was prepared with hoodies , they still was not warm enough, but in all fairness towards to end of the week, it was warmer and the boys started to leave the puffers in the room!

If you are planning to stay here , this little boat every day runs on the lagoon , he rings his bell to let you know that he is around for you to have cocktails, we did this twice , but be warned its VERY expensive! A fab idea though just needs to be cheaper!

Fab idea, just very expensive!

Now for the good bit…


First night we dinned at the Beach House this was our favourite last time i think its the location its just the most magical setting , with a real holiday vibe and total tranquility!

We managed to sit outside near the end of the holiday for dinner
Followed by drinks here after , this for me was just beautiful , i could easily do that every evening!

So our first night i wore our Rainbow Polka dress

Our first Night

If you go Half Board as we did watch out as you can only order things off the menu that do NOT have prices next to them , and if your taste buds have expensive taste like mine do , you will still have to pay a sur-charge for all the yummy things! Except in Bushmans there steak with no price next to it , was AMAZING!

Back to our outfits.

The next day we headed off to breakfast in the glorious sun and i wore

The perfect dress for any occasion, it also comes in other colours! All my dresses on todays blog are available to order now! Head over to EYEZONZANELI on instagram to order!

Second night we ended up at back at The Beach house due to those dinner reservations being messed up as the hotel was super busy and as explained before they never had restaurants or times we wanted! It was a good job we liked The Beach House lol

I wore a beauty of a dress, super elegant and stylish…

The hair had to go up it was too hot , boys look so grown up !

We woke up to a super hot Sunday and i was desperate to wear my hat teamed with those amazing pearl sunglasses chains we have , super chic!

We decided we wanted to take the children to The Atlantis hotel to see the fish , so glad we did, by far it was our best night and actually wished we had booked this hotel instead! A few friends had put us off saying it was very big and busy, which it was , but it just had a vibe that we loved!

If we went again it would be staying here! We loved the fact especially it had 25 restaurants lol..

The boys loved looking at the fish..

Sonny running from the sharks bless him! Lucca was a bit wary too!
And they was pretty big …!

We decided that it was best to go for an Italian meal , plus the boys were desperate to get a Milanase  down them, they ended up having two each ha!

Ronda Locatelli
This was a WONDERFUL evening , not only was the food amazing, we sat outside , it was like being at Sandy Lane in Barbados. We wanted to go back for our last night but it is closed on a Wednesday! When you book , if you can be seated outside its just fabulous , inside is like sitting in ZIZI! which on holiday we all want something a bit special!

I wore a Zesty Lemon dress, and the boys coordinated in yellow Next shirts! Before we came away i realised that Lucca still had a lot of clothes he needed to wear that he hadn’t worn , and a few didn’t fit him, so he did end up matching Sonny a couple of nights, but being a real pro he he never moaned once , in-fact i don’t think he noticed! He is so easy and always supports mummy! I did say in November though he is 13 and he will have to model all our new Teenage range , he likes the sound of that, i think because he will have pictures done by himself and will feel very grown up , bless him! He loves a holiday pic , they both do actually, i often get lovely messages saying how good the boys are being in the pictures, i guess its in them, they have always done, that’s why our routine works and we do have a giggle when we do them too!

This dress went nuts on instagram and has already nearly sold out!

I didn’t want to leave this hotel , i just loved it after dinner we went for a long walk around the hotel , and decided this would be our next adventure , maybe next year! (fingers crossed).


Who said Bubblegum pink was no good for a Monday was wrong lol. I couldn’t wait to wear our NEW swirl pink dress, our other colours were so popular last year and this one has been just perfect i absolutely love it!

My beauty’s looking so handsome!

Sitting pretty in pink

Selling fast!

It was back to The Beach House for dinner!

When we arrived on our first night we was so late arriving that the only restaurant that was open was The Bushmans , the boys loved it so much , we had tried to get in since and finally managed to get in on the Tuesday .

I decided to wear a maxi inspired dress, this pattern looks so great with a tan and i had had this in my suitcase for the last 2 years back and forth to Spain and Barbados , but never wore it, so it was time to take it for a spin!

My Sonny Bunny looking so grown up! He still loves his mummy and is always by my side!


Lucca as nearly tall as me! Where does the time go?

The meal was amazing , but it was back to bed and ready for our last full day a night the next day…sad!

In the morning Sonny and myself decided to go for a walk on the beach, to be honest we didn’t sit on the beach at all this time, the sea was freezing and there was Jellyfish everywhere, i nearly stood on one on our walk!

I finally got to wear my Rainbow dress!

So let me just add , its a good job Mr O checked up on the flight details as i though we still had another whole day and night, was saying by the pool, not sure what dress to save for my last night, when he popped up and said…Its tonight you better choose! huh!!!!

So my afternoon was spent packing as we had to be up at the 3:00 to get ourselves to the airport! Again i hadn’t thought that one through!

Anyway our last Happy Hour was spent by the pool, Mr O used to play cards every afternoon with the boys while we had our Happy Hour cocktails!

If your thinking of staying here , check out all the restaurants they all do different Happy Hours! We only ever did the 3-5 one by the pool, as we always head in at 5 to start getting dinner ready!

I chose what i think was one of my favourite dresses , in fact it went crazy on insta and has been very popular…

Our last night!

We headed back to The Bushmans again , are you seeing a pattern ? This is what drove me mad , as you couldn’t get the restaurants we wanted we had to go back to the same one twice in this holiday in a row! Anyway we decided to go to The Lotus Lounge first upstairs , we did this every night before dinner

This was lovely and looked over the pool and beach, I used to sit here every night and not want to leave!

After drinks the boys played a bit of snooker while we waited for our table , the food was especially good for our last night, all i could think of was that early wake up call , so it was a sort of early night and a goodbye to The Anantara Dubai!

The boys were like zombies at the early wake up call, but we managed to get an hour on the plane then it was home to a very windy cold London Gatwick and home!

It really goes so fast when you only get a week away, but we really did have a wonderful chilled time, the kids had a blast and met some friends that i know they keep in touch with!

For any information on any of my outfits remember to contact me via Instagram EYEZONZANELLI

I hope you enjoyed my holiday blog!

All i will say is please be patient with me for your next post due to our move im not sure when i will have time but will do my best to keep you up to date !

Have a wonderful evening




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