Hello Again


Hello and Good afternoon

How are we all doing today? So it’s been a while and a whirlwind since we last spoke ! Well a lot has changed not only in the world today but in every day life its so strange!

I hope your all safe and well!

We moved just before lockdown so was extremely grateful for that, as I think we would have gone stir crazy in our old house! I do love our new house!  We have so much more space and the children have more space to run around in the garden.  They have their own X box room so they are over the moon for these.  Although we are taking our time to sort those rooms out, otherwise I’m feeling we won’t see them ever again lol!

Summer for us  this year has been a blow out.  As im sure it has  for everyone hasn’t it ? We was due to go to Spain as soon as the boys broke up, we ummed and arrrddd over it bit decided to stay put, we even considered driving. To be honest I’m not the best passenger in a car so thought best not! We have also taken the tough decision to postpone Barbados till early next year ( I’m very sad about this as I’m sure you can imagine lol ).  Still we all have our health and that’s more important at this time so we support our decision to stay put! Although I’m extremely envious watching everyone’s Instagram holiday stories lol !

The house has kept us busy , i have finally got the lounge and kitchen as i like it!

We decided to keep it simple with just plain whites in the kitchen. I think my new chairs defiantly brought it to life without giving it that clinical feel! Philippe Stark Kartel chairs!


I added more colour to the lounge with Pink and Grey.  We had Pink and Grey in our Villa in Spain so i wanted to bring a slice of my childhood to our home!

No one is ever allowed to mess up my lounge lol! I go crazy especially when john hits up the Xbox downstairs as he has to sit on every single cushion! Sofa Loaf { and so not what we wanted , would never buy this style again. Its a pain in the bum as have to keep plushing up the cushions!}


Fashion for some this season has gone a bit by the waist side but for me even though lockdown was hard it was still nice to take part in #dressupfriday on Instagram. Which meant I got to dress up once a week and show off my new dresses from Prestige Boutique ( and other brands of course) This was such a wonderful idea and enjoyable for all of us insta ladies who took part!

Some of my favorites…..

Love this PB dress and shoes this is the perfect dress can be worn all year round too, could be dressed up or down . Imagine how cool it would look with a denim jacket and those NEW Bottega Boots ….lush!
Another fav of mine is that Riveria Dress by PB look at those colours and details!
This years hottest colour … Love!

I do love dressing up as you know!

Still when the holiday eventually rolls round the outfits will be bigger and better that I will assure you lol !

I do love the fact the 80s and 90s are making the way back onto the catwalk these really are my favorites times and I just think it was a real elegant era! Big hair , big statement clothes what is there not to love 💕.  Just remember to splash it up with a dash of elegance at the same time and you can’t go wrong! So autumn 🍂… who’s ready ?  As you know I always start about this time thinking winter wardrobe and this year has been no exception!

Look at this wonderful vintage number that i wore out the other evening , this was in Mammas wardrobe back in the 90s! It took me 3 hours to help clear her loft full of clothes a couple of weeks ago so was only fair she passed it on lol…..

The 90s was Versace

So lets talk winter boots? Hands up who has ordered 👐, yes me i will confess!

Love these BV boots how stylish cant wait to wear!

Currently looking at a winter coat to go with it! Im not sure what i fancy this year , but will keep you posted!

Skin Care for the winter:

So im all over Laura  Mercier at the moment. I have ordered some amazing products so give me a few weeks and i will be sure to report back on what i think of those!

The Perfect Cream!
Cant wait to try this!

Make Up:

So im going to try the Dior Addict Lipstick

Dior Riveria

I really do intend to do more regular posts from now on. I have been busy with the house and PB that the time just flies by!

Next thing i will popping the Christmas tree up lol! And im especially excited as this year i will have two. I could even get away with three but i think that is  pushing it .. ha!

Anyway im glad i finally caught up with you all! Hands up who will be watching Strictly this evening? I know i will be … yippee!

Have a wonderful weekend all and i will be back asap with some bits from Zara i ordered!










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