Whats a Girl to do?


How are we all?

So with the holiday fast approaching I’m thinking I’m actually a lot more organised  than I am this time ( not in my head or on paper ) but in the way that the cases look like they have fallen off a lorry!

Since Prestige Boutique came along my time  just flies ( before messages start rolling in , I’m not complaining , I  love it , every minute of it in fact )

What I love about what I do is Instagram and all the wonderful ladies I get to meet and talk too!

Everyone who takes the time to do Giveaways and Promote my page is just so wonderful, I have made some lovely friends.

If you don’t follow then these ladies are a must:

Carole M beauty , Elizas-Everyday, and StripyCoral { there are lots more of you but I cant name you all I will be here all day}

My time is taken up a lot with what I do although some people still think I do nothing!

One lady that I love talking to too is Kat Farmer ( if you don’t follow her which I’m sure by now you do ) anyway this lady wore one of our dresses at the weekend and I have to say , Kat looked totally amazing and striking! So Thankyou Kat for sharing. Totally rocking our Rainbow dress!

Thankyou Kat for sharing our dress you look amazing! Follow Doesmybumlookbigat40 now x


This year I have been sent some wonderful items that I will be storing and picturing on my grid so you must keep and eye out for those beauties on my holiday , you will love !

Especially Aspiga,  that’s a beautiful dress which I have been waiting so long to wear and I finally get to wear it , plus I have am amazing kaftan too!

The boys also have some Prestige Boutique bits to wear and we will be matching! There is one particular dress I cant wait to wear as the boys have got matching tops too { I have had these especially made}

I have been going back and forth on outfits and I’m not very clear on what I want to take, I need to have it all done really by next week as the boys have so many things on at school . We fly 6am the day after they break up! Seemed a good idea at the time ha!

A couple of new looks for you , as some of you are not Instagram I do like to keep you up to date too! { sorry if I bore the ones that are }

Starting with this dress I wore to Due Amici last week…

I loved wearing this one! So chic!

Before hand I met up with the girls at The Manor and I wore my new Gina Maxi…

Our Gina dress has a real Gucci vibe about it too, I chose to wear the belt as a ribbon in my hair! After all it is all the rage right now!

If its some chic summer styles then these two below are so easy and so easy to throw in the suitcase to go away….

Sometimes I can be weary of these style dresses as they can tend to give you that pregnant look ha! I chose to wear our lemon headband set to really set that look alive!

Hands up who else loves polkas? If like me you do then this one is for you!


Another thing I have started today is the NOSH Juice Fast , I went for the two day one! I have this terrible cold, cough sore throat etc! So it came at the right time and plus its always nice to lose a few pounds before I hit the pool!

I think the two day fast for me is best as I do like my food and don’t think I can hold off for too much longer ha! I especially love the fact that this program comes with a little booklet on what to do if you feel like giving up!

Loads more programs available so check out the NOSH website today and if you say my name DANIELLA from EYEZONZANELLI you will receive 15% off your first order ! NOTE: You have to email them before you place your order to get this promotion from me!

So my Lucca is in France this week , we have no communication with them which is hard. I’m sure they are having a ball though! From what I have seen , all they are doing is eating,  ha!

So I’m now off to post some of your goodies going out and get my little Sonny Bunny !

Have a wonderful week and I will try a squeeze a quick blog post in before I go especially on the denim dress I’m going to wear at the weekend . That baby needs a blog post to its self 💙💙💙

Happy Tuesday



Lorna Luxe and The Ned


Hello and Good Morning  to you all

How are we all? it’s been a while so I hope your all well and looking forward to having a catch up with me!

This morning  has been manic for me and I have just sat down as I have been meaning to do this blog post for ages. The time just goes!

Those who follow on insta might have seen what I’m going to waffle on about today already { so sorry in advance if I bore you today!}

So when I last left you all we was heading out for a family dinner to welcome home little Sonny from camp! And I mentioned I was going to wear a Lorna Luxe dress, Lorna  who styles a fab collection for In The Style always looks fabulous and I love her collection!

I wore the Pink Practically Perfect Porcelain dress ……

And of course my little Munchkins matched me ….

We had a wonderful meal at Primadonnas West Wickham and it was nice to have my baby home!

On Saturday the 25th May I was invited to The Ned in London to The Vault downstairs for a private function!

Panic took over, I wanted something light as the weather looked like it was going to be nice that day! So Lorna Luxe to the rescue, I knew how much I loved the pink and she had just launched the beige version , so of course it had to be done!

Wearing my Lorna Luxe dress ….

Lorna Luxe Dress and Jimmy Choo shoes!

We had the most amazing day with lots of Mismosos with a divine lunch followed by drinks on the roof…

The Vault


And of course it wouldn’t be a Saturday in London without a toilet selfie ha! As they we’re strict on pictures we settled for this in the loo, and we did like the seat too…

Family Pic in the Loo ha!

Some others I have orderd  and want to order…!

So I went for this cute set as I loved the look of it and thought it would very versatile too! That skirt in the winter with a leather jacket would look amazing!

Glamour and Chic rolled into one with this super dress below…

Love! Want..!

And this one too….

The perfect little LBD! This is on my list 100%

I like this brand as it’s so easy to wear and is not over priced either so you could even treat yourself every week to something new! Plus i like that fact that you can wear all year round as most things have longer sleeves , throw on a leather jacket and your good to go!

Be sure to check out the collection at In The Style now, plus all new subscribers get 20% off too!

it’s Sonny Birthday Sunday so we are heading up to London I’m hoping the rain will hold off as in this weather just dot know what to wear? Is anyone else in limbo like this now?

Now I just need to decide what to wear?



This Other Stories dress seems to have everyone in a tizzle , apparently it runs on the larger side , head to Other Stories now to see what else is popular for the summer! { if we get one !}

My SilkFred denim jacket sold out the day i wore it last week, i would like to think i helped this as when i orderd every size was in stock . Unfortunately this has now Sold Out!

A fabulous afternoon spent with dear friends at The Bickley Manor wearing my dress and Shoes PB, jacket SilkFred!

So i think i have showed you the best finds from Lorna Luxes Collection now available at In The Style be sure to take a look and remember to tag me if you post anything on Social Media , that way Lorna can see where you read about her fab collection! to be honest tag me in with what ever you have bought a worn from seeing it her at DaniellaZanelli.com

Have a wonderful Friday we are off to meet friends for a quick birthday drink for Sonny! Then its Branded Beckenham this evening , oh god its raining hard what shall I wear?





Pretty Woman


Hello Everyone

How are we all?

First of a huge apologies I have not been in touch sooner! Its been busy here as usual!

I have just collected a very muddy Sonny from school, all of his class has just got back from two days camping or as they call it now Bushcraft! So he now winding down, dare I say it on the XBOX ! I think he may have missed that more than us ha!

So there is so much I LOVE on the high street right now…

If like me you like The Chic look, then H&M , Topshop and of course PB have some very Chic and debonair looks right now! I do love dainty , feminine and in general girlie styles!

The last time I looked this dress had very low stock but it’s just out of this world , and speaks Zimmerman 100%….

Such a fabulous inspired dress by H&M love it!

I wore a similar one Sunday when we went out with friends mine was by PB ….

I received lots of lovely messages on this dress , it really has that chic look to it! I felt very feminine in this one!

And of course I had to match the boys up in similar colours ….

Sonny is wearing Next and PB , and how grown up does he look too!

Another H&M look I love are these cute tops….

So pretty! I love this one ! Such an expensive look but without the price tag, this also comes in Black and White!

Another high street one that caught my eye was from Topshop…

Speaking of florals , look at this by PB such an easy GO TO dress!

Everyone girl  should have a dress like this in their wardrobe, the LBD never dates and this is just the bomb! Love!

I do seem to have a lot of black in my wardrobe but I think I may have to add this cutie!

Looking for an every day look then this broderie anglaise jumpsuit is just so striking , jazz it up in the evening with heels!

Bikini Love by Topshop

The scalloped detail gives it such a designer look!
This one is packed already in my suitcase! This is by PB and we only have few left!

Lemon Love 🍋

Lemon Dress by H&M and £8.99 you can’t go wrong!

Another item that has hit the shops and our insta squares is The Headband:

Keeping in with The Lemon affect this PB set has so much charisma I love love love, Very Italian Riviera!

I though this two pack by ASOS was a good deal and perfect for that holiday wardrobe!

If you really want these colours to stand out I recommend wearing a block colour with them ie: Black or White!

New Look does Pucci…

Very Pucci, this headband by New Look will certainly have heads turning , love it!


Now we all know how much I love a nude suede heel! And New Look have never released the ones that I live in since I bought them a couple of years ago! { PLEASE NEW LOOK , JUST PLAIN NUDE SUEDE SANDAL 🙏}

I did find these for you instead…

Very Bottega! New Look Sandals!

Or if patent is your thing….

This is what I want in suede please NEW LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking for a Stand out sandal ?

Very Cute!

This year I’m defiantly trying things outside the box and I’m loving all this real feminine  girly looks that are out! Don’t get me wrong I still do the leggings and blazers but I do love dressing up! We are having a family night out tomorrow a welcome home dinner for Sonny Bunny! What shall I wear 😂? Stay tuned I have a Lorna Lux dress from In the style , i might have to give that a go? Please don’t rain 🙏🙏🙏

Have a wonderful evening all



Daniella’s World



Hello and Good Afternoon

How are we all doing ? So its been a while since I last checked in! Prestige Boutique and Instagram are keeping me very busy.  We have had loads going on with secondary school transfer meetings etc, its  just one thing after another! Before we know it summer will be here.. Yipee!

So I get asked loads on Instagram, how do I do it? And, I don’t mean blogging. They mean how do I have the time to plan 2 or 3 holidays a year with the outfit scheme , plus days out too!

My answer is, it just comes naturally and I guess I have a OCD kinda of thing going on! I’m just not one to go out looking like I have raided the dressing up box! I like everything to flow, always have done really!

I think the outfits should tell a story and that’s why certain colours and shoes have to be just right!

I often write on Instagram about me being awake late at night searching for things and I’m not joking! Last night I was still going at 1 am !

We have a special holiday this year for my 40th so its going out with a bang as they say leaving the 30s on a high!

So the planning has already begun and I have 3 outfits for myself so far, so just need to start matching the boys up!

Because Prestige Boutique features Beach and children’s wear it will be a case of showing off all of that too so its going to take a lot of planning! Obviously I wont just be wearing PB I will be wearing other brands too! Just because I’m the ambassador for PB does not mean I do not wear other brands!

So it all started when little Sonny Bunny came along , I always promised myself I could never be one of those who wears mix match things for their kids { nothing wrong with that if you do ] But as explained , with me it has to flow!

I’m not one to put my kids in football kits to go out in  or Logo t shirts ie; With Fortnight splashed across the front, again if that’s your thing then nothing wrong its just not for me!

I remember our first trip with both the boys to Florida , I well and truly stocked up on matching items , since then it stuck!

Our trip to spain that year I had searched high and low to get their matching D&G jelly sandals , I went for these as I thought with kids that age in a hot country they would go with everything, I went for silver as it was a colour that they could wear with any outfit and navy blue as these could be for day time attire on the beach { the silver was only ever to be used at night and if daddy got them dressed for the day he often used to get in trouble for putting the wrong colour on ha!}

I remember taking this it was fun to see all their matching outfits hanging together! { it does not take much to please me , ha!}

The D&G jelly shoes were quite reasonable back then I think I used to pay about £40 a pair, I know now they have gone up loads , fear not I have a reasonable brand for you to use at half the money and they look exactly the same!

I bought these at Children’s Salon , look how tiny they are , it goes so quickly … sad face!

Igor jelly shoes are exactly the same , ok they might not have the quirky silver glitter ones but for neutral sandals for every day use .  My two  are too old for these now but to be honest if the sizing went up I would totally get these for by the pool on holiday!

Office and Panash kids stock these certain sandal

IGOR jelly sandal

So not only was it the shoes it was the swim shorts that had to be worn and worn correctly, and what better way to do it that in Vilebrequin, we lucky enough to receive a pair from my sister-in-law as she has a boy too , so I just had to match the butterfly ones up for Sonny and I managed to grab a pair in the sale! Then we conned daddy out more in Puerto Banus that year and of course he had to join in !

look how cute!

So as time went on , it just flowed and it was a case or ordering things in two different sizes , I remember every Christmas I would spend a fortune in Neck and Neck on their Christmas outfits.

Neck & Neck outfits!

So how did I come to join in?

Well not sure to be honest , I remember I was laying in bed not long before our holiday one year to Barbados, and I was going through my outfits and what the boys had on their list, when I noticed we had all of the same colours , so for someone like me it was a total no brainer! I sat up again till about 1am righting everything down what was going with what, including earings , flowers for hair, shoes you name it! This was the year a lot of friends said I should start a blog… the following year I did!

We kicked it off in this little attire!

I had this dress from Karen Millen from back in the day, so when I walked in to Ralph Lauren it was a dot on the card that the boys had to have the matching shorts! I couldn’t believe it, it  was exactly the same pattern .

I bought my dress when I was about 21 , who would have thought years later RL would launch a kids short in the exact same print! Result for us though!

Now the boys are older , I chose to put them in Pisamonas loafers ,  the one and only colour tan!  Why tan, because it goes with everything! I don’t take anything else for they boys just these . Although they do have Red Panash loafers I have taken a couple of years for when we wear red!

I loved wearing this vintage Morgan De Toi dress with the boys all in red!

I always have a SPECIAL outfit for special nights like The Cliff and The One and Only on the Palm , I’m sure if like us you love your restaurants , then you will always have a special one. So these were ours, So , Go Big always…

I can’t show you all my Cliff outfits or I will be here all night but here is one at the Cliff and one in Dubai, it  was pure fluke that they are both purple to ha!

2017 The Cliff
2017 The Cliff, wearing a vintage dress by Alexander Campbell
Dubai, wearing Jarlo dress and Sonny In Ralph Lauren at The One and Only on the Palm!

I know anyone can match outfits up and anyone can put colours together , but when I say I write things down and change outfits and colours I not lying, I remember my mum found my list from Barbados just gone and she couldn’t believe the detail on the list!

I like to show lots of different colours and I don’t and will not wear two colours in a row!

Top Tips Boys:

The boys have no joke about 7  pairs of white shorts in the summer , and two pairs of jeans for winter

Other colours they have one each size!

I have and take so many white shorts as they go with everything and look so smart! But remember on holiday there are things like Chocolate Ice Cream, so if they do get ruined I have a back up plan { I do pack a Vanish stick with me to ha ! Although year just gone I used it more on daddy’s shirts}

It’s just a less stress free zone for me to do this so its good to have back ups! The reason I only take on pair in the colour shorts is they only wear them once , twice at most!


The boys have one pair of winter suede boots , this year they have tan, usually they have navy as I like the foot to blend with the jeans , rather than be an eye sore! But needless to say Next did not release any this year , so we went with tan! I know I could have purchased elsewhere but I couldn’t find any I liked!

The jeans I buy is always boys skinny jeans again from Next, these wash up so lovely and never fade! Its handy too as Sonny gets all of Lucca’s old ones!

Velvet Blazers, I do and will continue to have these in the boys wardrobes, these are such an investment piece that never date and always look fab on and very smart , I NEVER let them wear with trousers , ALWYAS jeans!

How smart do my bubbas look! They also have these blazers in a Maroon colour!

Shirts my go to colours are always , white, navy , blush  pink and baby blue! I always make sure their sizes are up to date in these colours and irioned ready to wear in the  wardrobe .

Top Tips for myself:

I always make sure I have a comfy pair of tan suede heels  I like from New Look , I have had these for as long as I can remember and cant find any others I like it and they have never released them again . New Look please bring them out again !

I have so many different designers in my wardrobe I have bought but I still go back to my old faithfuls,  so if you have a certain designer or brand that works for you , stick to it and stock up!

Wearing my New Look sandals! Photo taken at The Cliff , one of our special outfits!

I do have my tan Jimmy Choo wedges that I live in the summer too, but certain dresses do not go with clumpy shoes!

Black suede court shoes always a winner again New Look and H&M do it for me!

These I have on here are from H&M

Lets talk panties , yes we are doing this , so I am into the high waisted panties from next right now, these always feel like they are holding it all in . I even wear them over tights in the winter! Another tip is to go a size bigger than your actual size, they fit so much better and really do help with the muffin top ha!

So a pack of two and nude for under dresses in the summer, black in the winter!


My must have for dresses, White/Cream, Black a few black, one , shift, dressy, backless, knitted, off shoulder, the list can go on with me! Pink , Red , Yellow and Purple! Even Gold with me , oh do you no what every colour ha!

As long as you have the basics , you can jazz outfits up and turn things around a little! Sometimes I study the colours in my outfits and put the boys in different shades of the colour in my dress for a different kind of matching look!

Example shown here , the boys are wearing shades from my dress!
Keep Bold colours paired with a neutral colour too, I always choose white , so those bright colours really do stand out!

So Friday just gone was so lovely and we decided to go to Branded Beckeham , I was really unsure what to wear all day as I’m trying to save things for myself and  the boys for holiday and me being me I don’t like to show it off beforehand { I have so much I’m saving ha! } Anyway I had a Miss Selfridge dress I have never worn , it was £20 in the sale and I just never really thought about it,  I was trying to find the perfect court shoe to go with it. This dress is so unique and feminine that it deserves a delicate heel to compliment it! So when I found my nude suede courts in nude , I knew they was for me and for my bargain dress! The gods must have been on side Friday as we had some new PB boys jumpers arrive and the pinks ones that arrived was a true perfect match!

How fabulous do my boys look in their Prestige Boutique Pink Jumpers { other colours available , inbox to order }

My £20 dress totally rocked the look I was going for!

The List:

I always jot down what you want to wear or take with you , then I go and look to see what the boys have in their  wardrobe and what we can work with! I will be honest, if nothing really jumps out at me, that’s when I start to surf the net to see what does take my fancy! I have been known to spend more on their look rather than mine! As long as it compliments my outfit with the WOW factor then I will just go for it!

Some fab sites that never seem to let me down are

Next, Matalan , Childrensalon , H&M ,  Ralph Lauren and Neck&Neck.

I always seem to find something in one of those!


I always and have done it like an oversized bag , although the boys are bigger now I do like a big bag! I still take out of a night with me , spare jeans for Sonny and , spare chargers, phones incase the I pads run out and the chargers are not enough to power the I pads up { sounds crazy I know but we do spend a lot of time in restaurants and the boys are always made to spend an hour talking to us before we let them lose on the I pads, Mr O and do like to sit and chat with drinks after our dinner so its only fair they get their I pads and have back up plans if they run out, especially in Barbados we could sit there till all hours taking in the scenery}

I always have Nurofen Melts as the boys are old enough now to take these and it beats taking a large bottle of nurofen with me! And a packet of wipes! This is with out all my rubbish ha ! I will say I do always take spare tights if I’m wearing tights! On holiday , I will always take a tote for the beach and a tote for the evening! I cant bear going out and getting all sand in my bag, The boys did have Goyard mini bags for the I pads but to be honest they ended up in my bag so they are still like brand new a never been used!

Again I always have a bag in mind for holiday , I always have a bag for the winter , and a neutral for the summer! Gold is always a winner in my eyes in the summer! This year I’m going for Gold and Pink.

I have never been one to over accessorize,  but I am warming to them more and more especially the oversized !

If like me you was unsure then all I can say is just gor for it!

I guess I have always kept things simple so that’s why I have always kept them to a bare minimum. My thing right now is oversized earings!

Here are some of my favourites by Prestige Boutique

Love these fabulous diamond heart earings!
Our Simple Diamond hearts!
I had to share this picture of my friend who kindly said I could share this with you, how fabulous does she look in our Red Ceramic Flower earings!
Also available in white!

So I think I have covered everything that I do and don’t do in my crazy life of coordinating us all up! If I think of anything else I will share with you guys!

Please feel free to get in touch if you want any help on matching and ideas!

We have some really gorgeous new looks for you from Prestige Boutique, I will share next time on the blog this weekend!

Remember to follow EYEZONZANELLI for more details

Have a wonderful afternoon , I’m now off  to take Sonny to a emergency dental appointment , I was meant to be having my roots done today , I look like a brunette not a blonde at the moment ha!















Love in the Sun 😍


Good Evening.

Hope your all keeping well and ready for the half term break! We have one solider down here with sickness bug! The joys of school life! Does anyone else get this at school?

So did you all have a fab Valentines Day? We spent it with our Snuggle Muffins watching their favourite TV show on E4 called The Goldbergs! If you havent seen it , YOU MUST! It’s so funny , it’s based on a family set in the 80-90s (lets just say the kids think I’m like Bev the mum, if you watch it you might see why lol!)

I’m hoping it’s not the hair or the clothes that’s why I remind them of her ha!

So speaking of Valentines it was a wonderful surprise when Mr O turned up with these….

The Boy did good this year!

I was very lucky a couple of weeks ago to receive a complimentary facial from Pink and Blue beauty Salon in Bromley. They gave me the Hydradermine Facial and I have to say my skin has been absolutely amazing since!

So I’m happy  to say that I have a nice discount code for you to use,  you can  have any facial at 20% off when you quote DANIELLA (offer ends 1st March)

I also had some beautiful highlights put in my hair by the wonderful Sharon at Chislehurst Hair, I really do love being blonde but my hair drives me potty when my roots need doing and I just cant do it myself anymore. Sharon to the rescue! Another discount code for you

And another one for you why we are on the subject is

offer ends March 20th

Yesterday was like a summer’s day and did anyone have the urge to get the summer clothes out ?

So as it was Friday and as it was nice weather there was only one place to meet the girls, that was The Manor at The Bickley

There is no place like it when the sun is out! We love it there , the kids always enjoy the grounds and the staff are always so friendly

Look at the picture Sonny took for me , it seriously could be the middle of summer not February!

I was the first one to arrive yesterday and I sat there with the boys just taking it in, it was like being on holiday! You must try if your local! Especially in the summer they have a BBQ , music and cocktails!

We have some divine new looks for you at Prestige Boutique and these are my new crushes below…

The pink sweater , these are super soft and come in all colours!
Our lounge sets , these also come in other colours , I think Grey is my favourite so far!
The sequin Blazer! Loving this right now, and I love the fact its a nice length so anyone wanting to cover up the bottom area this is for you!
Don’t forget the heart earings ! Since I first wore these on NYE , these have gone crazy and we can’t get enough of them!
I was so lucky enough to take this picture yesterday in that blazing sun! My little Sonny behind the lens too, he is getting the hang of this camara man lark ! (although Chris if your reading you are still Number 1, just training him up ha!) The Dress is so striking and would be amazing for a special occasion! (to place an order head to insta EyezonZanelli}
But my number 1 this week has to go too this Polka Dot sheer top! I love this one! This would just go with everything!

So as this is my second attempt to post this tonight not sure what happened! And now I need to look after a sick child , I’m signing off! So sorry its short a sweet!

Fingers crossed for us he will be ok tomorrow as we are off to or favourite restaurant for dinner!

Have a wonderful evening







The Runway Edit 😎


Afternoon lovelies.

How are we all? I’m absolutely freezing is anyone else?

Its been so busy for us here the boys have had their annual sing song with Young Voices at the O2 , that was Thursday . As per usual it was very emotional, this was the boys final year doing this as secondary school beckons my Lucca and there is no way I can see Sonny doing it on his own (although the teacher did pull us aside and say to Lucca if he still wanted to do it next year they would be happy to let him join).

Another great thing is that the boys got to sing with Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet, he was absolutely brilliant and it took me back to my youth in Spain! It’s a shame I cant  upload videos on here as to be able to hear the children sing Gold and True with him was truly sensational! For anyone who does want to have a nose then please head to my Instagram page and on my highlights Young Voices has its own circle you will  see  all the fun and songs on there!

Tony Hadley in full swing singing True!
My little Young Voices duo

I decided to wear my Blue Next Jeans, my Jimmy Choo boots, and both looked very stylish with my Prestige Boutique blouse and Holly inspired coat!

I love this blouse so easy to wear and very stylish! { inbox me now to order}
The coat of Dreams right here!{ Inbox to order}


So apologies for showing you lots of beautiful summer pieces already , if your a real Fashionista you will already have your eye on summer bits! (as I do).

This time of year I think its nice to be able to introduce some summer bits into your winter collection. I often do this . For example a dress that can be worn in the winter with tights , might look fabulous in the summer with bare legs and heels or flat sandals!

Starting with Prestige Boutique I’m showing you some looks I have started to wear with my winter collection.

So this monochrome set I was saving for the summer , but then decided to jazz up just a plain roll neck with it! What a great combo. This could be worn with little black boots instead of heels if you prefer that look!
And this is the actual set!
This top is just beautiful and selling very fast it also comes in black! I havent actually managed to take a picture to show you with  the  white shorts which is probably what I would wear I with in the summer!

The dress version is to die for look


Something New that has landed is this new Chanel style cap …

How stylish I this ? I just love it and it helps when the roots need a touch up too! available in other colours and styles! { you have to watch my stories on insta to see the full collection, not everything is on my grid! I get asked all the time why can’t I see things that you have that have been mentioned on the blog! So Stories and highlights}

Blazer Love:

This embellished blazer is so stunning and looks fab dressed with jeans or even a maxi dress in the summer and this over the top to keep you looking Runway Ready! { inbox to order}
Keeping it more casual now in this inspired Blazer from PB this is so stylish for an every day look! { inbox to order}


Calling all wedding Guests or anyone going to Ascot this year, how stunning is this PB dress…

This is so elegant , this also comes in Black too! { inbox me now to order}

Friday evening was spent at Branded Beckenham with friends and I have been waiting to wear a skirt I bought ages ago from George at Asda, it was far too big for me and I had to get it altered which the famous Agostino did wonders with it for me!

So I wore my PB jumper { order now } and my Asda skirt with my M&S heels! just love this look!
I had to get the boys involved too! Pink it is!


High street favs right now:


Mustard dress by Zara
What a stunning dress for holiday!



I thought this was really pretty!


A boot that goes with absolutely everything!

So a big colour this season is Navy and I found these at River Island:

How Balmain is this dress, this is stunning!
Love Love Love

So I think I have covered what I have seen a loved so far!

I still get a lot of messages about how people can view items from Prestige Boutique.  You need to go to my Instagram page and watch my stories and highlights! Any other questions just ask!

I’m going to sign off now before there is a war between them all on the Xbox, yes that includes Mr O too the biggest child of all!

Have a wonderful Sunday x






New Year New Post


Hello and a Happy New Year to you all.

Hope you had a wonderful New Year and all did something special!

We went to one of our favourites in Beckenham. It was a special night with my little crew and we sat and laughed before heading home just before seeing in 2019 with our babies!

I wore one of our classic dresses by Prestige Boutique and the boys had their PB blazers on!

Dress and earing are PB Bag: Colette by Colette Hayman Shoes: New Look
How grown up and gorgous do my babies look! wearing Velvet Blazers by PB Jeans and Boots : Next Shirts are Polo Ralph Lauren

Now its all back to normal here with entrance exams and lots revising. And, of course back to Blogging for mummy!

We have had a few Summer Collection arrive at PB , so I’m going to share some with you here that are available to order now!

Starting with this amazing Orange Dress:

So in love with this pretty dress and I cant wait to wear! Roll on Summer!

Or you can go classic with this sequin tailored dress:

Look at the sequin detail , such a beautiful dress and so versatile ! This could be worn with black tights and heels for a real chic look!

So you may remember my post on Holly’s outfits from I’m a Celebrity? Well look what I wore last night:

LOVE LOVE LOVE my new coat by PB { this selling fast too! }

A couple of dainty summer looks below that seem to be taking Insta by storm:

This dress is a fab one to wear when you are glowing with a tan , and would look so cute on holiday with a pair of nude heels or wedges!
Or our Portofino Set is one to have you looking glam too, the beauty of this set too is that you could dress this down and wear the skirt with a white t-shirt and H sandals!

So is anyone shopping for swimwear yet? As you know from my last post I’m looking for Pinks this year, Pink dresses and Pink swimwear . I’m just loving the Pinks! Well I’m afraid I havent got any good news for you! I received the ones I showed before from Missguided and Boohoo . They looked hideous on me. So its back to the drawing board! The trouble is with me once I get something In my head I just have to get it! I already have outfits planned for myself and the boys for Spain 😂 (crazy I know).

I’m going to have a shop around for more pinks and hopefully I will have some better luck 🙏

So I’m signing off now to sort the boys dinner out now! Have a wonderful Saturday and Happy Shopping!

Oh and before I forget,  I have just started YOU on Netflix, has anyone seen this? Not sure what I’m thinking yet , Dan Humphrey a stalker?? Hmmmmmmm!



Christmas 2018 🎄


Evening everyone

 A huge Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family . To be honest its been a quite one here , I have been so busy with PB and the kids it seems to have rolled into one! I think because we lost my aunt so close to Christmas it has not felt like Christmas!

The boys got loads of wonderful things (more rubbish 😂). But, its all about the kids so as long as they have had a wonderful time then all is good!

Christmas Day we were at my parents and we dined at Mustards Bar and Restaurant in Bognor Regis. I wore a PB dress, which seemed to be a real hit on Instagram and we actually sold out of lots of sizes very quickly!

Love this dress so much , so pretty and stylish!
I wore my Marks and Spencer satin heels with it! These are so comfy!

The boys complimented my dress with their Velvet Blazers by PB, they always look so fab in these. I tend to buy bigger as their sizes go up and up! They are a good investment , these kind of things never date and always look stylish!

My beautiful boys are growing too fast! Dress: Prestige Boutique Shoes: M&S Boys Blazers: Prestige Boutique Shirts, Jeans and Boots : Next.

A lovely Christmas Day followed by fun and games in our Pj’s when we got home, I felt so full I could not move!

We were up bright and early the next day as we were both back to work and Lucca had to get home to revise! Not long now till his entrance exams! So it’s all go!

Prestige Boutique has some great new looks right now I’m going to share my favourites with you today!

The colourpop cardigans and jumpers are proving very popular right now…

I’m loving these , just so easy to wear! They look great with jeans and even in early summer time would look so cute with shorts and a little cami top!
So this is the jumper version! Love Love Love. Imagine this with white jeans in the summer, perfect!

I think white is always such an elite look no matter what time of year it always looks so clean-cut , I love it! This dress caught my eye as soon as it was offered to us to promote! Total Chic factor and would look amazing for any event!

It needs a bit of a press professionally but I had to share it with you! Just gorgeous! Look at the neckline, so clean-cut! I’m wearing our PB crystal earings too! Shoes; Office London.
These earings are divine!

If Pinks and Orange is your colour then  look what we have here…

a big colour for next season is Pinks and this is such a classic dress , look at those sleeves! Teamed with our Teardrop crystal earings! Shoes: Office London!
If a bodycon is more your thing, look at this beauty! The colour is totally stunning!
I’m wearing our Crystal heart earing too! These are selling fast! So dainty I love them!

Leopard Love

The coat of dreams right here and I’m saving this for NYE I’m wearing with one of our new PB dresses { stay tuned} This coat looks so good dressed up as I’m going to wear NYE,  o you could  wear this with jeans and a cute little white tee for an everyday look!
As you can see from this picture this has a real expensive look about this coat! Look at the shoulder detail and that amazing detail around the lapel! One word… LOVE!

Holly’s dress…

This dress is so chic and so similar to the outfit that Holly had on when she opened the first show on I’m a Celebrity! This has been a popular one, lets not forget those boots and tights , the boots did sell out super fast. Although we can get certain sizes still! Those GG tights … FABULOUS!!!
Showing the dress here with our New FiFi Boots , so in love with mine and guess what they are lined with fur inside which makes them even more amazing!


Our Pearl Clips …! Stunning!
Look at these amazing headbands, very Chanel like!

Lots of amazing new things around on the High Street too, I have just ordered a fab bikini from Next …

We are off to spain in the summer so I thought this would be perfect!

Those who need a suit for anything look at this one by Next…

Love the colour!

River Island:

Those who like a triangle bikini then this is such a similar one to Fendi and it’s from River Island! { I prefer bandeau bikinis I can’t bear any tan lines!}
Get the Gucci look with this River Island belt!

So everyone I’m going to sign off or I could be here all night as I have seen so much for you guys!

I’m going to hunt down a pink bikini or swimsuit for the summer so stay tuned to see how I get on !

Have a wonderful New Year all the best for 2019!

I would like to thank you all for your continued support on here and Instagram it really means a lot to have such wonderful kind followers, so a BIG thankyou and keep up your fab work!

Happy Saturday




Colette By Colette Hayman ❣


Hello Lovelies

How are we all on this run up to Christmas? Well the boys have broken up as you know from the last post. We have been swimming most days and Lucca has been revising lots getting ready for his entrance exams!

So is everyone ready? If I’m not it’s too late now, as I have been working so hard the last few weeks to get orders in and wrapped up. I did most of my buying on the beach in Barbados that way I knew most of it would be here when we arrived home and I could get it wrapped while the boys were at school!

So a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be asked along with one of my Instagram Friends to a new launch and we were even more lucky to be given some really stunning bits by Colette Hayman.  Its a new Australian brand and it has just opened up in Bromley.  So for anyone who is local then be sure to check this brand out!

There was so many classic beautiful stylish looks that I did not know what way to turn first!

I went straight for a Velvet Black Classic (totally me , something that never dates and totally elegant).

Wearing earings by Colette By Colette Hayman , The fabulous bag by Colette By Colette Hayman and top by Prestige Boutique!

I also went for these other divine items …

Look at the Pearl hearts , so pretty! And this fab snake-skin clutch bag! top as above! Just love the bag cant wait to wear!

One thing that caught my eye was there Bridal Range it was just perfect for any brides to be, such a fun and exciting range with lots of dazzling pieces!


How adorable are these!

And why not get for the Maid of Honour too.!

So cute!

Lets not forget the bridesmaids and Flower Girls:

What a handy gift for your bridesmaids!
Don’t forget those little ladies too! Super Cute!

There is so much I can’t show you everything from Bridal, so much to love though I promise you that!

Look at these fab earings:

I should have snapped these up they are just simply divine!
Look at these beauties too! Amazing!

Why not go for this Butterfly Ring and really stand out! So pretty:



Look at this? Amazing !

Phone Case:

Super stylish! Comes in other colours too!

So I’m sure you will agree the detail and definition that has gone into all these exquisite items , really do make them so elite! So why not take advantage and take a look at the website now for more reductions and iconic looks!

And if your local remember to pop in and take a look, remember to tell the girls who introduced you to this fabulous brand!

After being spoilt, the girls and I headed out  in our Colette By Colette Hayman stylish looks ….

Such a fun night cant wait for the next one ladies!

I would like to thank all the girls at Colette Bromley for spoiling us and looking after us ! Hope to see you all soon!

Much Love



Catching Up 😍


Good afternoon all

How are we all today? Today for us has been very busy. I have just put the dinner in and sat down to do this post! I have been so busy with Prestige Boutique that I just don’t know where the time has gone! The babies are broken up and on Saturday we head down to West Sussex for Christmas (for those waiting for items, my last day of posting items  will be Saturday).

So now the Jungle is finished I’m not quite sure what to watch, although we did enjoy the Finale of Strictly and I was very happy to see Stacey win the cup!

With Christmas fast approaching we have had a few nights out which means if anyone has missed my Instagram posts,  I will show you some of our newest looks right here today!

So first we had the Christmas Fair at school, which obviously started with some girlie drinks first 😂.

I opted for black leggings and a little fur/leather jacket, I also  wore  my Prestige Boutique Boots and Bag …

Lots of love for this look on Insta

I wore boots as seen on Holly

As seen on Holly (taking orders now)

Such fun we had.  The kids and I were absolutely freezing so we didn’t stay long at the fair but they did get the chance to skate on the Ice Rink (the school brought this in for the day). They also had a giggle on the silent disco !

The next day was the boys last day at school followed by Christmas Carols at the church, this was very emotional as it was Lucca’s last year doing this with his school!

I chose to wear a new Leopard Dress , and new boots by PB,  these are both selling fast …

I’m so in love with these dresses , look at the shoulder detail , perfection! And those inspired boots so (which may I add are super comfy !).

Once the boys finished we headed off to Branded Beckenham for a Breakup family meal and of course I had to have a Pornstar Martni ….

The best Cocktails are in Branded

Friday we had a day in doors starting the holiday homework. Lucca has a lot of revising to do over the holidays as he has his entrance exams in Jan!

Friday we were meant to meet some friends but just ended up having a family meal instead although we did meet one friend before and have a cheeky boogie in The Bickley as they had all Christmas Music on.  It was really lovely I must say, the kids were up dancing and everything!

I wore a new top we are promoting and can I just say, I’m so in love with it!

How amazing is this top ? And look at the Boots to match too! I’m just loving our New Collection! I have worked hard to try a bring you some lovely new bits to the New Collection and I wanted to add things that stand out and look different!

If you do follow me on Instagram you would have seen on my stories our New Summer collection too! it’s just out of this world! I’m already excited for summer ha!

So it’s just a quick post today as I just wanted to keep you updated!

Remember anything you see from PB can be ordered through myself so just inbox me for more details!

Have a wonderful Sunday , I have roast beef in the oven and the kids with the Big Kid are all screaming and shouting on the Xbox ! FIFA19 you are the pain of my life ha!